Here are some examples of accessibility installations we have done.  HOME
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The homeowner's frustration was eliminated with the installation of a stairlift.  HOME
Bruno Elite Stairlift
With an outdoor stair lift a second floor entrance can be the same as a first floor entrance.  HOME
Outdoor Stair lift
Indoor or outdoor, curved or straight rail stairlift, it can all be done.  HOME
Bruno Curve rail stairlift (chair lift)
A porch lift carries a rider and power chair, up to 750 pounds.  HOME
Porch lift
An individual with limited vision needed a safe way to access the mezzanine in his warehouse.  The answer came in three large crates safely unloaded by the skilled shipper and a helpful neighbor that just happened to have a forklift.  It was a Commercial VPL.  The heavy tower was tipped into place and the platform attached by a crew of three men.  An enclosure with an access door and top landing gate completed the installation.  The owner now could enter through the door and by using simple to operate controls raise himself safely up or down as he might choose.  HOME